Order & Pickup


This site will constantly be updated in terms of prices and items added and removed to match the in store prices and inventory present at Kingdom Liquors. For this reason prices and items on this site may vary

Order & Pickup

Step 1: Select the items you would like to place an order for pickup

Step 2: After Checkout is complete you will receive an order receipt to the email address you have provided us.

Note: This does not mean your order is ready for pickup. 

Step 3: After receiving your order we will confirm that all items are currently in stock.  Once all items are confirmed to be in stock we will prepare your order and send an order confirmation email.

Note: Orders with items currently out of stock will be placed on hold or modified to remove the items out of stock and then completed.  In the event this happens you will receive an email stating your order is revised or placed on hold.

Note: Orders will be placed on hold for a maximum of 5 days, after this time frame orders will be deleted.

Step 4: You will receive an email stating your order is complete and is ready for pickup.

Step 5: Please print your order confirmation or present a valid form of identification to the cashier to receive your order.


Orders are available for pickup only at our store's location, 508 N 11th Street, Newark, NJ