Remy Martin V.S.O.P.
Remy Martin V.S.O.P.Remy Martin VSOP CASERemy Martin V.S.Remy Martin VRemy Martin 1738Remy Martin XO

Remy Martin



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Remy Martin V.S.O.P.

Fine Champagne Cognac

Remy Martin V.S

Superior smoothness, complexity, and finish

Remy Martin V

Remy Martin V is an exceptionally smooth, clear spirit with subtle sophisticated aromas.

Remy Martin has created this unique eau-de-vie from the finest grapes of the legendary vineyards from the hear of the region, which are then masterfully distilled and cold filtered. Perfect with your favorite mixer in cocktails neat or on-the-rocks.

Remy Martin 1738

A beautiful shimmering copper colour, this incredibly smooth, rich and mellow cognac is a blend of old eaux-de-vie aged for many years in Limousin oak casks. 1738 Accord Royal reveals a fantastic range of aromas and flavours. Notes of exotic fruits and candied oranges are complemented by an abundance of chocolate and a hint of cinnamon and ginger. On the palate the texture is round and full with a particularly mellow finish.

Remy Martin XO

Aged for a minimum of 22 years with an ideal balance of flavors


Product of France



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Remy Martin V.S.O.P, Remy Martin V.S., Remy Martin V, Remy Martin 1738, Remy Martin XO


750ml, 1L, 1.75L

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